Video Interview : General Manager of JGNMT (Polysilicon) Li

Published:2012-09-18 11:53Source:JGNMT


We, Zhejiang Jinggong New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (refers to JGNMT thereafter),  assembled a team engaging in polysilicon related technology reaserch in United States. We created JGNMT with Jinggong Science & Technology to  utilize it’s coverage for domestic market and equipment manufacturing capability. Although JGNMT is a new company registered in Dec.2011, we have rich experience on polysilicon from our domestic talents and senior international experts.
We are provider from Cold Conversion Technology to Total Solutions. Our technologies include Cold Conversion Technology with Distillation, Chlorosilane Recovery, Redistribution and the newly developed Silane Production Technology. Silane production is the basis of the third generation technology for polysilicon production. It is prepared for next generation's polysilicon technology.
When asked by journalist from SloarStar to introduce the advantages of the company‘s Cold Conversion Technology, Mr Li. said with great confidence: Our technology is a leading technology in terms of material and energy consumption. In addition, our technology is very mature as our team engaged in the designing and operating of cold conversion for many years, so we can provide comprehensive technical services and ensure the smooth execution of owner’s project. Secondly, Jinggong Science & Technology can provide key equipment for cold conversion thus we can provide total solution from technology to equipment and services. The owner can achieve the design capacity of their plant by using our equipment.
The most important advantage of our technology is maturity and advancement. Maturity can be embodied by our understanding of the technology. A good understanding of potential problems that may occur during practical operation by us ensures the successful start-up for owner’s plant. Operation of polysilicon plant is very important. According to our experience, although some brought technology package abroad, they can't obtain production because of falling behind in operation. But we can provide the comprehensive technical service of operation. Our technology combined with our equipment can help you obtain the designed ability of the equipment.
Our silane technology utilizes chlorosiane disproportionation method to achieve 6N (99.999999%) purity. Silane gas can be used to manufacture LCD and PV silicon nitride coating. The silane gas used in polysilicon industry can reduce the production cost  by utilizing FBR technology and will have a good prospect in the future.