Breakthrough on "Disproportionation Technology For The

Published:2012-10-10 12:01Source:JGNMT


Recently we achieved breakthrough on "Disproportionation Technology For The Production of High Purity Silane" with the help of Jinggong Science & Technology. JGNMT technical team has completed the R&D of high purity silane production technology process package that meets domestic engineering requirements.
The project was successfully developed on the base of JGNMT's cold conversion technology process package through almost one year's continuous innovating and technical tackling. The main technology filled national blank. The process flow mainly utilizes TCS as raw material to be disproportionated into DCS in the presence of catalyst, and be further disproportionated into silane which will be purified to make EG silane gas.
High purity silane gas can be used to produce high purity polysilicon and reduce the production cost, so it has broad application prospect. Now the technology has been successfully put into market. JGNMT has signed technology project contract with first customer and received initial deposit.