JGNMT's Silane Production Technology Help The Polysilicon In

Published:2012-10-22 12:00Source:JGNMT

On Oct.19th, 2012, A good news was brought by JGNMT located near West Lake. The Disproportionation technology for the production of High Purity Silane undertaken by JGNMT independently has been successful developed, resulting a high purity production technology package that meets China's engineering specifications, filling domestic gap of this technology. This technology lays a solid foundation of further reducing the polysilicon production cost for our country's polysilicon enterprises.

The leader of this project said that utilizing STC to make TCS and then silane, utilizing silane fluidized bed reactor to make polysilicon is low cost polysilicon production process acknowledged publicly in industry and is the hope for China's polysilicon industry. High purity silane gas itself is a high value-added product with broad application prospect. The high purity silane gas is also the raw material for producing high purity polysilicon(≥11N). Utilizing silane thermal decomposition(CVD) to produce high purity polysilicon is widely applied in the semi-conductor industry.

he journalist learned that the disproportionation technology of JGNMT is a patented technology utilizing TCS as raw material to disproportionate into DCS at the presence of catalyst and further disproportionate into silane, which will be purified to get high purity silane gas. The silane package of JGNMT not only ensures the process's advancement and safety reliability, but also outstand the handling of details and precise control of the process, ensuring the low cost, low consumption, high quality of the product, and the low emission, high environmental friendly of the equipment. JGNMT's team of experts has rich on-site operational experience and can provide first grade services during the whole construction of system, ensuring efficient implementation and successful production.

The project leader also disclosed to the journalist that with the help of Jinggong Science & Technology's great equipment design and manufacture ability, JGNMT and Jinggong Science & Technology are jointly developing silane CVD and new silane FBR. It is believed that Jinggong will present a great gift to China's photovoltaic industry again in the near future.